I Guess He’s Not Feeling Jolly, Right Now

Proof that you never *really* can fully catch up after a vacation.

During our recent road trip, this happened…


So, Rick can now fully concentrate on the general election. The question remains — what will he do?

Back in mid-April, my thought was if Rick launched a full-scale attack in terms of campaigning, he’s got a chance to succeed Lee Jarrell Davis as District 102’s state representative. So far, I haven’t witnessed much of an attack.

During this summer, I’ve seen lots of “Vote For Lee Jarrell Davis” signs and even billboards. Can’t say as I’ve seen quite as many “Vote For Rick James” signs.

I’m sure Rick’s working to change that. By my math, there’s a little more than three months ’til the general election. That’s roughly equal to the length of one ratings period in radio. Just like a ratings period, every day counts.

I don’t live in District 102 — and if I did, my vote would be going toward Lee Jarrell. Still, I stand behind my original take. This will be an interesting race to watch — if Rick makes it interesting.

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