As the old saying goes, the show must go on. My radio friends and I are working to make this a productive 2017 — as we will always mourn the passing of our friend Joe. He died December 12, 2016, after he was injured in a wreck in November.

Please click/tap here for a statement from Blakeney Communications, the parent company of Rock 104.

Please click/tap here for his obituary.

Joe’s family thanks everyone for their love, prayers and sincere generosity during this time. Many of you have expressed a need to help in some way. In lieu of flowers, a special account has been set up for Joe and Rachael’s children’s future education. Memorial contributions may be mailed to: Joe Stianche, 5 Neil Road, Ellisville, MS, 39437.

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You Bet Your Exorcism?

An appearance on a classic quiz show with a comedy element, apparently, helped William Peter Blatty further his writing career.

Blatty, who as you probably know by know passed away recently, was a contestant on the game show “You Bet Your Life”, hosted by comedy legend Groucho Marx. Early on, Blatty is introduced as an Arab prince — but the truth would come out.

Looking to connect a Marx brother to “The Exorcist”? Here you go.

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Make Elton John’s videos, compete for $10,000

Calling all filmmakers. Elton John and longtime songwriting partner Bernie Taupin are holding a contest for videos of John’s hits such as “Rocket Man”, “Tiny Dancer” and “Bennie and the Jets”.

John and Taupin request the “Rocket Man” video feature animation, “Tiny Dancer” feature live action and “Bennie and the Jets” feature choreography.

You have until January 23, 2017, to get your video together. Visit for more details.

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Another fab item up for bids

Got $26,000 or so to burn? That’s the expected selling price at an upcoming auction for a long-lost demo Paul McCartney recorded for Cilla Black.

Black turned the song “It’s For You”, written by McCartney and John Lennon, into a top ten hit in the U.K. in 1964. The demo was lost for more than half a century — until Black’s family found it after her passing last year.

The surviving relatives assumed it was just a copy of Black’s single and took it to a Beatles expert. Stephen Bailey, the aforementioned Beatles expert, says he was speechless and shaking with excitement when he realized it was McCartney singing on the demo and not Black.

The Beatles Liverpool Auction house will sell the demo August 27th.

Visit for more details and to hear a 20-second clip.

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Words of wisdom from a former “Deal or No Deal” model

Okay, let’s get the obvious out of the way. In the following and recent tweet, Bonnie-Jill Laflin is easy on the eyes. But she also provides great advice.

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Road trip to a desert trip?

That Desert Trip concert we told you about Sunday on the broadcast del grande appears to be a twice-in-a-lifetime event. Organizers are adding a second weekend to the event with The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Neil Young, Roger Waters and The Who.

Visit for more details and ticket information

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May we interest you in a good book?

Queen’s Brian May has released a book on, believe it or not, Victorian underskirts. May teamed up with Denis Pellerin in writing “Crinoline: Fashion’s Most Magnificent Disaster” — and it comes with May’s 3-D viewer. May and Pellerin say crinolines were all the rage back in the mid-19th century when stereoscopic photos were trendy. May says he has been interested in stereoscope images ever since he found 3-D cards in a cereal in the 1950s.

Visit for more details.

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Okay, for starters, I did not see Sunday night’s live telecast of the Miss Universe pageant. This was due to dinner with relatives, making plans for Christmas and catching up on online work.

I only learned of this unusual ending after seeing reactions on social networking. Without pointing fingers, I can’t say I’m surprised.

I watched the Miss USA pageant – wherein the winner advanced to Miss Universe. Recall this aired on Reelz Channel. The telecast was riddled with technical gaffes and miscues. It’s better to see the mistakes for yourself than to describe them here (that is assuming you still have this on your DVR or some rotten kid made YouTube poop videos out of the show).

Guilty parties by now are taking responsibility for the goofs (and if not, they should be). May they learn from them – and work to make the next round of pageants nearly flawless.

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Join in the fight against AIDS, win a chance to meet your fave star

(Cross-posted from

Want to go on a bike ride with U2’s Bono? All you have to do is donate ten bucks to his RED organization to fight AIDS — and you’ll get that chance. Bono says he’ll even visit the spot in New York City’s Central Park where he had his devastating accident in 2014.

Other celebrities are also chances at meet-and-greets. Details are at the website we’ve listed below.

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Christmas Page: Too soon? Not really.

(The following is cross-posted from’s internotes.)

Yes — I hear you. We just finished Halloween, we’ve eaten all the candy, we’ve had the (expletive deleted) scared out of us visiting various haunted attractions, we’re putting away our costumes and — suddenly and are joining forces to launch a Christmas page? Really?

Here’s why we’re launching The Christmas Page now. Having lived and worked here for more than two decades, I can assure you our autumns are event-filled. While we’re speaking of a winter holiday in Christmas, most of December, per the calendar, is still in the fall.

Consider last month. Not only did we have Halloween, we also had the diabetes walk in Hattiesburg. Certain events throughout the area raised awareness of domestic violence and breast cancer. Football season was already in full swing by October – and – well if I kept going, this would turn into a long diatribe.

Further, as of this writing, a number of Christmas-themed events, or situations that offer a chance for you to get a head start on your holiday shopping, are taking place this month. Also, organizers of at least one Christmas parade are calling for entries by, you guessed it, the end of November.

While you’re advised to wait to put up your tree after you’ve had your Thanksgiving turkey and dressing, we invite you to get out your own calendar and start marking it. ‘Twill be a season to be jolly – and we wouldn’t want you to miss a beat.

(The Christmas Page can be found at until, likely, New Year’s.)

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