A year ago at this time, I was in the midst of therapy.

If you’re a regular visitor to Doug’s Place, you know my story. Valentine’s Day of ’02, I nearly gave up on finding Miss Right Now, much less Miss Right. Weeks later, a singles’ conference at a local church helped turn things around and set me straight. Still later, I hang out with a lady who had lost her husband to a drug OD and I get a few e-mails from a 6′-tall woman who had been apologizing for not keeping better in touch.

Then, when I least expect it — a year ago this week — comes Miss Circle. WhoDaThunkIt? We’re still dating after a year!

The last year with Cindy has been an amazing one. A year of football games, travels, love and laughter. We’ve watched arguably the best game of college football ever when Ohio State beat Miami. We went on a canoe trip that we’d like to forget — but still brought us closer after a tipping incident. We’ve met folks and found out we have mutual friends. We go to a rock concert and noticed a particular song was missing from the set list — one that would become our anthem — “I Want To Know What Love Is”.

Thursday, we go back to O’Charley’s — where we first met for lunch a year ago to that day. We each went in to that lunch date of July 31, 2002 with low expectations. Again, WhoDaThunkIt? Who knew O’Charley’s would mark a starting point in a quest for gold?

As for those I associated between therapy and Cindy entering my world, the widow I’ve simply lost touch with. But, I hope she’s well. As for the 6′-tall woman, yup, it’s Gena. Guess what — she hasn’t been heard from since last summer. Her loss. 🙂

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  1. Stranger things have happened.

    I thought that you and Cindy getting serious would get everyone to leave me alone. NOT! 😉

    Happy for y’all, and one of these years, I’ll meet Cindy.

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