Cindy And Doug World Tour: The 4th Of July Weekend

Our journey to the coast was cut short due to circumstances beyond our control — to wit, the weather.

We got down Thursday to the Grand Casino in Gulfport. We played the slots, no luck. 🙁

Then on to the concert with “Foreigner with Lou Gramm”. In reality, it was “The Lou Gramm Band” — but since Lou’s the voice of Foreigner, there was a lot of Foreigner songs in the concert. Such was the case when he toured solo in ’87 in support of his album “Ready Or Not”.

Great concert… but…

\Noticeably absent were these two songs from the set list: “Feels Like The First Time” and “I Want To Know What Love Is” (a favorite of Cindy’s).

\Lou himself. What happened?!?? He’s gained *lots* of weight since the last time I saw him in concert in ’97. Plus, he stumbled on a few words a few times.

Next day, it was the 4th. With noticeably gray clouds, we figured we wouldn’t get much sun and fun out of the coast. So, we went home, saw a movie and had dinner.

Then, last night we watched Pepsi 400 from Daytona on NBC.

The Cindy and Doug World Tour’s now officially over. It’s been great being able to take some time off from work and spending most of that free time with Miss Circle. Alas, it’s back to the ol’ grind.

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