Viva Huntsvegas…

A week from today, I’ll be in Huntsville.

Hearing my brother broadcast hockey games on WTKI radio — via its companion website, — plus reading about the history of University of Alabama-Huntsville’s hockey team have me interested.

I’ll probably leave for Huntsville right after work Thursday and come back home March 1.

Should be fun. Too bad Miss Circle can’t come with me on the journey. She’s busy housing the William Carey soccer team as they relocate from the gulf coast campus to Hattiesburg.

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  1. Heh … I keep forgetting you’re coming up here. Must get that in my brain. 🙂

    Simple directions to my house: I-565 to Exit 19B, north on the Parkway until you pass Alabama A&M. You will pass through one light at Winchester Road [McDonald’s/gas station on your left] and take a left at the second light, Bob Wade Lane.

    Go down the road about three miles. There are only two true roads going off to the right. The first is Mount Lebanon Road. The second is North Gate Road, which is where I live. After Mt. Lebanon, Bob Wade goes from arrow-straight to lotsa curves. When the road straightens out and you begin to crest the hill, you’ll see North Gate to your right.

    From there, it’s the first left, left at the stop sign, the first right, and then left into my driveway.

    Of course, you’re coming for the game and coming in on Friday, and since I’ll be at work before the game but be at the arena by NLT 4:00 or so, might as well hit and look for directions to the arena. Theirs are better and more concise than mine.

  2. Wait, no, you’re coming in on Thursday … which means you do need the directions to my house. Heh.

    There’s also directions on IJSM somewhere … you could probably put in " directions to my place for Labor Day pool party" into Google–minus the quotes–and find what you’re looking for.

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