Back From Huntsville

Great time was had in Huntsvegas.

I got to meet some of the folks at WTKI radio — the station that added UAH hockey coverage earlier this year. Previously, the only way you could hear Mike and Geof describe the action was via the internet. That’s still the case — but for those not wired in Huntsville and the surrounding area, they can tune in to AM 1450 on the dial.

Later that night, the game against Findlay — which they ended up losing 4-3 (though UAH would come back to win the next day). A highlight for me: I got to sub for their photographer who was sick. Further, a puck flew over the plexiglass and landed on the Von Braun Center floor (safely, I might add). The Slovakian-made puck now is part of my bookcase.

A happy birthday to Mike Klauss. Now, I know I brought this up last year at Doug Morris dot org — but it’s worth repeating. I still say Mike and Geof look alike… observe…

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3 Responses to Back From Huntsville

  1. Dad says:

    Sounds like you had fun. Glad you got a puck.

    I think you are correct, Geof and Mike do look alike from these photos.

  2. Doug Morris says:

    True. BTW, I should clarify. Geof’s broadcast partner is Mike *Anderson*. Mike *Klauss* is an internet friend from Cleveland; met him in January of ’02.

  3. Thank God I don’t look like Anderson … 😉

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