Another Clear Channel Faux Pas?: Part Deux

Time to open the e-mail bag again…


Hmm, I guess the band’s taking a break. Anyway, let’s see how our friend responded to my queries on the CC expo…

Mr. Morris,
Thank you for your response. From your coverage/commercials, we had assumed that you were either involved in the planning of the Fair, or covering it as a community service. Either way, we thought it was noteworthy that the fair did not last until the stated ending time. Thank you for passing on a contact number

Mr. Morris? My father’s Mr. Morris. I’m Doug. 🙂

Seriously, my thanks to the writer for the insight.

As I explained to the writer, we at the TV station didn’t have a booth set up at the expo and never had an interview or news story on said expo. Just ran commercials per CC’s orders — as if they were commercials from any other business.

I’m getting more and more of a feeling this whole thing was botched up from the word “go”. Still waiting for more reactions from some friends in the industry.

The “contact number” the writer references is to the business offices of CC. The business offices take care of sales and marketing matters while the stations they own are positioned elsewhere in the area (4 in Hattiesburg, 3 in Laurel). There’s been talk of housing all the above in one building — and that’s even been discussed when the Clear Chuckle 7 (thanks for the line, Geof) were owned by Cumulus only 2 years earlier.

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