I just read on SmallRoom9.com, website of a local band, my big 4th of July plans just went down the drain. Small Room 9 was one of many bands participating in an Independence Day concert — and now the site says the concert’s been cancelled.

(sigh) This was just what I needed to hear. This week hasn’t gone as expected. While I did attend the 4th on the 1st in Petal, I detected low attendance. Mayor Phillips says a goal for next year is to have it back at Relay Park. I hope they’re planning on that — like NOW!

As for tonight’s Independence Day celebrations in Hattiesburg, the events have already moved indoors in anticipation of rain. And we’ve had plenty of rain — though not quite as much as in my former stomping grounds of San Antonio. Still, with indoor activities, that means no fireworks. And I have a hunch somehow similar events in Laurel tonight will follow suit.

But wait, there’s more. A lightning strike’s knocked out service on our news feeds at work — both of them. Been quite hectic on that end.

At least one thing’s gone right this week: New photos of Haley, a RockTrax team member, wearing our radio t-shirt are now online on our HubCityCommerce.com page.

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