You’re a fake, baby. You can’t conceal it. Part III.

I’m on a roll, folks.

A fake Facebooker pretended to be from this area. I won’t say the exact town. But let’s just say I was so ready to call her bluff.

She, like others, never called me by my first name. She only addressed me by “sweetie”, “dear”, or some other term of endearment. Too soon, I say. At least three other fakes have done that — and should be tips to you as well.

Nevertheless, early one Monday morning, I called her bluff. “How about we meet for dinner tonight at (local restaurant, name of which is intentionally deleted)?” I asked her in Facebook Messenger

“Yes we can,” the fake said.

“What time tonight?” I asked.

“Maybe 7,” the fake responded.

Now from there, the fake might come up with all sorts of excuses to bypass my invite. Maybe even ask for a Vanilla Card for gas money.

Before she could, once we unofficially made the date, she already fell into my trap.

Right after her “maybe” response of 7 p.m. for a dinner date, I responded with a “laugh out loud” emoji and an image. The image was a particular portion of the restaurant’s Facebook page clearly listing its hours of operation. More than one restaurant in this area is closed all day Sunday and Monday. The restaurant I designated just happened to be closed on Monday.

“Every real person in town knows (the restaurant I designated) is closed on Mondays. You fail. You’re a FAKE!”

The fake responded with insults and expletives. But wait — there was more.

I also told the fake just in recent days I had written extensively on Facebook profiles and shared these links from this website.

The fake called me an a–hole and self-destructed her profile soon thereafter.

Hard not to hum the chorus line of “Another One Bites the Dust”. But she’ll just reload, snarf images from someone else, and try to steal someone else’s heart, and money, again.

Don’t let it be you.

So, as a public service, here are a couple of YouTube videos that have helped this writer along the way. May these help you, too.

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