You’re a fake, baby. You can’t conceal it. Part IV.

I didn’t mean for this to become a miniseries. But — it’s time to call out another fake.

About two months ago, Esther Bea reached out and wanted to get personal on Facebook. She, like other fakes, asked about my professional and personal life, called me by terms of endearment instead of by name, etc. All the while, the “fake alert” vibes sounded loud.

Esther wanted to take our Facebook Messenger chat one day to a phone chat. But, of course, she was short a few bucks. So, obviously, she wanted me to buy her a Vanilla Card. The “fake alert” vibes sounded louder.

I downloaded one of Esther’s Facebook images, ran it through a Google Images search and found out it wasn’t original content. She stole it from someone else. What else is new?

I even confronted her in Facebook Messenger — asking why she stole images.

Whereas I got vulgar responses from other fakes, leaving Facebook in a huff soon after that, Esther replied, “Am sorry babe.”

She later promised she wouldn’t steal images anymore.

Well — it’s been two months — and she’s still stealing images from the same other lady. So — let’s call the fake, shall we? Observe my comment I just posted on Esther’s Facebook page.

And now — compare on Eva Lovia’s Facebook page. You should be able to see an image of Eva at a microphone. It’s the image that Esther clearly stole.

It was best for me to hotlink Eva and Esther in one remark on Esther’s page.

Let’s sit back and watch some sparks fly, shall we?

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