Godspeed, Dr. Kaul

Although I didn’t have him for a journalism class in my days at Southern Miss, I knew of Dr. Art Kaul.

I would really get to know Dr. Kaul better through dating, and later marrying, Cindy. Long after I graduated and entered “the real world”, I can remember a time Dr. Kaul called me at WDAM. He was calling on behalf of St. John Lutheran Church in Hattiesburg – requesting interview time for their upcoming Oktoberfest.

As he was making his pitch, I giggled throughout the call. I had to confess that I wasn’t laughing at the idea of Oktoberfest – I was only laughing out of giddiness over the fact I was dating a member of the church. All I had to do was mention the name “Cindy” and he immediately knew who I was talking about.

Word came that Dr. Kaul died last night after a bout with cancer. Prayer is requested for the family of Dr. Kaul, including his wife Nancy.

If God allows Oktoberfest to be celebrated in Heaven, count on Dr. Kaul and Cindy making plans. Here on Earth, the next time you’re at Oktoberfest, be it at St. John Lutheran or elsewhere, raise a glass to Dr. Kaul and Cindy.

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