Another Road Trip To Ohio

As noted on, I’m taking some time off to commemorate what would’ve been a third wedding anniversary with Cindy.

Geof and I are meeting up in Jackson, Tennessee – where we’ll take Mom up to Kentucky to spend the night.

Then, roughly 48 hours in the Lima, Ohio area – including a visit to Walnut Grove Cemetery in Delphos and Cindy’s gravesite. We’ll also visit my in-laws, who I still claim as such, and see “the kids”, the nieces and nephew Cindy virtually claimed as her own children.

Then it’s on to the Morris family’s former stomping grounds in Beavercreek, just outside Dayton. Mom has not seen the old neighborhoods since we left in ’91; the rest of us have. This will be a real treat for her.

Thanks for all the prayers since January of last year. It’s hard to believe Cindy’s been gone almost a year and a half. We’re always comforted in knowing Cindy’s reunited with her father in Heaven. We’re also comforted in knowing she’s free of suffering. Prayer for traveling mercies in the week ahead would be in order.

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