Carpe Diem, Bob

As a widower who’s still a bit fragile after suddenly losing Cindy, I’ve been at a loss for words when I heard a radio colleague died this week.

Bob Chambers died Tuesday – an otherwise joyous day, the 13th anniversary of Rock 104. April 1st also marked my 12th year of association with Rock 104. If she were still with us, Cindy would’ve turned 36 Tuesday.

But back to Bob. He worked the overnight shift at Rock 104 for a decade. He’d later go further beyond the call of duty when he’d go upstairs to KZ94.3 to man the controls for The Rick & Bubba Show — or to 96.5 The Hub to man the controls during The Gospel Greats syndicated program.

As if that weren’t enough, he also worked at Pizza Hut. I wish I had the boxes of pizza stuffed in the station fridge to prove it. Suffice it to say, he spent his spare time sleeping.

Bob had a great, sometimes wicked, sense of humor through it all. In what proved to be the last laugh we shared, I finished watching an online clip of The Price is Right — to which Bob said something to the effect of, “Have your girlfriend spayed or neutered.”

Bob left us too soon at the age of 51. Thanks for the laughs and the memories Bob. Oh, and you know the little Mrs. you often asked me about? Tell her I said hello.

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