This Is C… uh… W

I sure hope the folks represented by the W in The CW, Time Warner, approved this logo. This almost looks like the early ’80s CNN logo.

It’s not terribly often I’ve watched 7th Heaven. But it appears after the series finale that recently aired on The WB, The CW will resume the series when the network launches in September.

I guess Alexandre Dumas was right. “Nothing succeeds like success.”

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2 Responses to This Is C… uh… W

  1. That’s … fugly.

    Don’t knock the programming, though. Two of my favorite shows [Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars] will be on the CW.

    Stop looking at me like that, dammit. 😉

  2. Doug Morris says:

    Oh, I’ve read where you like those shows. No harm in that. I’ve seen a few GG my own self.

    Some UPN shows air on the Fox station in G’port late at night. Not sure how that will impact that situation when The CW launches.

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