Someone Got A Wake-Up Call

Hopefully this will be my last bit of blogging on The Today Show until Katie leaves next month and/or Meredith arrives next fall.

On this morning’s menu of features…

\ A cooking demonstration in connection with the NBC competition series Celebrity Cooking Showdown. Two thumbs up already.

\ An interview with Eva Longoria on the movie The Sentinel, who’s also a co-star on “another show on another network”, as they generically put it. (Eva did sneak in a mention for Desperate Housewives, which is fine.) If only they did the same with 24‘s Keifer Sutherland, also in The Sentinel, the other day in a pre-taped piece.

…now I doubt the folks in New York visit Doug’s Place. But, I’d hope a bunch of executives from NBC stations made their voices heard and they’re finally saying “uncle”.

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