Prayers For Kim

(First, sorry I haven’t updated in a while. Been busy with business.)

If you’re of the praying type, please send one up for Kim Tufts.

Kim’s seen here next to me at a reception for Bryce and Rose Hatch, who were married earlier this year.

I just received this photo last night when Cindy and I attended the Thursday night worship at The Summit at ParkPlace. It was an unbelievable night -– mostly for the wrong reasons.

Kim’s husband –- David, known to us as “Biker Dave” for the many stunt shows he’s done over many years — delivered the night’s message. And it was extremely difficult for him to do so.

David and Kim have been married for a little more than a year. They said their “I do’s” about a month before we did. Just the day before David’s message, news came their biggest challenge in their still young marriage was underway.

Kim has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

When David noted that last night, I was stunned. My grandmother lost a breast to cancer. Cindy was in tears -– as were a lot of folks. I must confess — my eyes are welling up as I type this.

On the way home last night, Cindy and I sparked a prayer chain. We called one of our dearest friends, Erica Simoneaux, and told her what we’d learned.

Kim is an art teacher in the Petal school system. If you’re one of her students or co-workers, give her a big hug next time you see her. If you’re a friend or relative, give her a big hug next time you see her.

And above all, she, David and their children -– Dillon and Russ — needs our prayers.

David said he wished this were a nightmare he could wake up from. But it’s all for real.

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