Doug Morris: Moving In

Another big hurdle in the quest for gold has been cleared. As of this past weekend, I’ve completely moved into the new apartment.

Cindy and I decided now’s just not the time to move into a home. Given our current work schedules, who’d have time for the upkeep, we ask? So, we take the apartment route

Cindy’s bare minimum requirements for a new place was a 2-bedroom apartment with washer/dryer hookup. About a month and a half ago, I learned a complex had a vacancy. Said vacancy had two bedrooms and a washer/dryer hookup. Oh, and I guess I should mention I lived in this complex before. So, this is really nothing new for me. More to the point, it’s more of a homecoming.

Cindy still has a full trimester at William Carey to come. After that and the wedding, she’ll join me here at the new place.

Since today’s February 14th, I’d be in remiss if I didn’t note what happened on Valentine’s Day. We actually celebrated a little early on Saturday — hours after my move was complete.

The night began with an exchange of gifts. I got a copy of Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy on DVD and some Valentine’s candy. She receives a gift card to Hobby Lobby (one of her favorite places to shop; she’s gone there to purchase wedding-related items) plus this…

(Click here to see Cindy with her present)

…Valentine candy being held by a Pepe Le Pew doll.

Why Pepe, you ask? Long story short, Cindy subscribes to a reality TV discussion group. At least three other users make up a family living in Canada. The man of the house has the handle “PepeLePew” (all one word, note the upper-lower case), the lady in his life is known as “PenelopeLePew” and among the offspring — I swear I’m not making this up — “PipsqueakLePew”.

Yesterday, of course, meant Rock 104 RockTrax. Again I can’t make this stuff up. Sunday marked 104 days ’til the wedding. So, I used the opportunity to play “our song” — “I Want To Know What Love Is” by Foreigner.

As for today, Cindy and I met for lunch and more gifts for me in the form of more candy plus another DVD — Friday Night Lights. It’s a fantastic movie — whether or not you’re a football fan.

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