“The World Is Waiting For You…”

The more I watch The Amazing Race, the more I’m… well… amazed.

When this show first premiered, I dismissed it as your typical, run-of-the-mill, eat insects for big bucks reality series. Through dating Cindy and with her singing high praises for the race, the more I got interested in it. Now I’m sorry I didn’t even bother tuning into the show in the first place.

Kudos to the amazing production staff — who have to put together the race and all its elements (tasks, stunts, etc.) well in advance. If for any reason any plan fell through, it was left on the cutting room floor and they had a Plan B in mind.

I would love to see at least one behind the scenes episode of The Amazing Race. For example, as the teams race to the checkpoint in, say, Mexico, what’s going on in the next country of the race? I’m sure devoted fans of the show would also like a “backstage look” at this great production.

Some brief analysis on this current race (I won’t spoil if you’ve recorded Tuesday’s episode and have yet to watch it): Rob and Amber, contestants from Survivor, have bullseyes on their backs. OK, that’s an obvious statement.

But, consider this. Many of their opponents in Tuesday’s debut of the seventh amazing race pointed out something to the effect of, “Look, there’s Rob and Amber! They’re beating us!” Those who’ve reacted that way I fear are going about this the wrong way. And while the pair known by Survivor viewers as “Romber” has reality show experience, the others shouldn’t let that experience get to them.

If you’re in a race like this, don’t worry about how a certain few are faring. Worry how *you* are faring. If you arrive at a checkpoint last, odds are good you’ll be sent packing — or as fans of the race say, “you’ve been Philiminated.”

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