Farewell, Johnny

Yes, I realize I’m a couple of days late on this topic. Pre-marital matters have taken precedent over the last several days.

During a coffee break on RockTrax Sunday, I was watching some of the Detroit auto show on NBC — hosted by members of the NBC/TNT NASCAR coverage team.

Then, a special report came. John Seigenthaler came on the air with the news Johnny Carson died.

My next step, of course, was to echo the sad news to the RockTrax audience. Much of the time set aside for music news, light side stories, etc., were suddenly set aside for follow-up stories on the terrible news.

In my lifetime, it’s been rare I’ve gotten to watch any late night TV. But, as Johnny was nearing his reign as host of The Tonight Show, several nights were spent staying up at least long enough to tune in to the opening monologue.

I know somewhere in the place Cindy and I will soon call home, there’s the tape from Johnny’s farewell show. As soon as I’m settled in to the new digs, I’ll search for the tape, pop it in the VCR and have a good laugh or two.

That’s how Johnny would want it.

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