Farewell, Mr. President

By now, you’re well aware the sun has set on the life of our 40th President of these United States — Ronald Wilson Reagan.

Cindy and I first heard about this on the radio — an all-sports network, of all places — on the way home after a couple of William Carey College students got married.

Just like my grandfather earlier this year, Mr. Reagan has entered a nice safe place — free of suffering. And did he suffer.

After searching “Ronald Reagan” on a number of searching engines, I just finished reading this internet news article dated late last year. By this point, he could not walk, talk or recognize loved ones.

In Tennessee, my father’s been building a shrine to Mr. Reagan. A room full of books, calendars and images of Mr. Reagan. My recent addition to his collection came one Christmas — in the form of an 800-plus-page book of letters written by Mr. Reagan.

A great place to remember the life of Mr. Reagan is ReaganRanch.org. Hopefully, you’ve got a broadband connection. If so, turn up the speakers for a great song entitled “I Remember Ronald Reagan” by Greg Wall.

Thanks, Mr. President. You’re a hero in the hearts and minds of many. We’ll never forget you. Farewell.

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