The Password For Today Is “Waiting”…

…and it comes to us from… well… me.

I said in a chat room, “Waiting for Ken Jennings to lose on Jeopardy! is like leaving the porch light on for Jimmy Hoffa.”

For those not aware, recently Jeopardy! threw out the rule where once a champion won five straight matches, he or she retired undefeated and qualified for the next season’s tournament of champions.

Well, the tourney still exists — but so long as a champ keeps winning, he or she keeps coming back.

Such is the case with Jennings. Friday, he won his 13th game and won more than $440,000 in cash.

Most (if not all…I’ve lost track) of the games Jennings played were pretty much over by the Final Jeopardy! round. He’d have more than twice the score of the contestant in second place. Thus, so long as Jennings doesn’t bet too much to put himself in… well… jeopardy, he’d win for sure.

A while back, I wasn’t sure if it was wise for Jeopardy! to throw out that automatic retirement rule. If it was to keep viewer interest high, it sure helped. Since I work at a TV station that carries Jeopardy!, it’s certainly been among the topics around the water cooler.

Like Jennings or not, it’ll be interesting to see how much longer he’ll keep up his winning ways.

Unrelated matter, busy work week followed by a much-needed vacation. Hopefully, I’ll be able to update this space from the road.

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