One Year And Counting

May 28th of next year, Cindy and I will capture the gold. Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine I nearly gave up on the idea of “the one”.

To officially mark the 365-day countdown, we had lunch at the place where it all started — O’Charley’s. Going by the timeline Cindy created with the help of, we’re pretty much way ahead of the game right now. The “nitty gritty” starts after Christmas.

There’s a mutual female friend of ours (I won’t name her here for protection of the innocent) that’s had some tough times in the dating world. I told her specifically that her Mr. Right will come when she leasts expects it. That’s how Cindy came into my world — unexpected.


Drastic change of subject — another mutual female friend (again, won’t ID her) got a not-so-pleasant surprise earlier this week. She told us “The Real” Rick James knocked on her door and asked if she was in the market for selling her home. One problem — she’s not owning the home in question. She’s renting.

A couple of real estate websites point to his one and only listing. Some rundown, 50-year-old house in Hattiesburg. Price? $20,800.

Between this and the aformentioned act of desperation, it’s amazing how it’s all come full circle. When he was station manager at SL-100, he’d get on account executives’ cases for being “order takers” and waiting by the phone for new clients instead of getting out there and “sell sell sell”.

No offense to anyone presently in any sales job — but I think Rick’s learning how tough it is to “sell sell sell”.


Finally, there won’t be much of a holiday weekend for me. Tomorrow, I’m helping Cindy move to (and I can’t believe I’m about to slip into old Air Force brat jargon) temporary living quarters. There’s lots of construction going on throughout the William Carey College campus and there’s one project literally leading up to her door. So, she’s got live elsewhere and I’m glad to help out.

Sunday’s the radio show and Monday back in TV. Hopefully I can get out early.

Never forget the reason for Memorial Day. If you’re in the Hattiesburg/Laurel area, the armed forces museum at Camp Shelby is worth a visit.

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