Rain Rain Go Away

Man, did we have a lot of rain! Several roads and streets near my home flooded. Thankfully, the trek to and from work wasn’t too bad.

Cindy and I are looking forward to — shall we say — a meeting of the minds in McComb with Mandy — oh, and Pete, too (shame his first name doesn’t start with an M … LOL!). Individually — and notice how much emphasis I’ve put on that adverb — Cindy and I thought we’d never find the one. Now that we have, what can we expect as take our bond to the next level and ultimately “the gold”? Mandy and Pete give us some ideas soon.

Switching gears, as a game show fan, it was great seeing the souped-up version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire last night. I was under the impression the show, now titled Super Millionaire, would get a 100% make over. New or totally refurbished set, all new music cues, the works. Instead, it was nip here, tuck there and raise the stakes to $10,000,000. Not too disappointed — I guess the originators of the show in Britain didn’t want us Yanks to deviate *too* much from the Millionaire spirit.

Based on early returns in the ratings, looks like the show will be back for another flight come the next ratings period in May. If so, I’ll try to qualify for that next period. Right now, it’s just “watch and learn”.

And yes, that’s my final answer. 🙂

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