You Can’t Spell “Vomit” Without “MTV”

OK, time for me to weigh in on this MTV/CBS/Janet/Justin situation.

The root of all this — MTV. They’re the ones who produced the halftime show at the Super Bowl to begin with. No *wonder* we had this incident.

Now, stop and think for a minute. Let’s say you’re planning a wedding and want a musician to perform sometime during the ceremony. Would you have a guitarist from some thrash metal band play “Here Comes The Bride”? Unless you’re planning to invite guests in their late teens to early 20’s and make this a private ceremony, you probably wouldn’t.

Understand this. When Cindy and I watched the Super Bowl, we mutually agreed to bypass this Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake concert. No offense to them as artists — they just don’t float our boats. So, we just changed channels ’til the third quarter. So if it seems like I’m going on second- and third-hand info, that’s why.

After the Super Bowl, in seeing video leading up to the flashing incident, I saw a lot of — shall we say — dirty dancing. That and Kid Rock and Nelly were part of this show. Again, talented artists — but would they get an invite to perform in the halftime show if it weren’t produced by MTV? Don’t think so.

So, whoever greenlighted MTV to put this all this together — and that person probably won’t ever speak up — (s)he should be ashamed.

I honestly can’t think of the last time I watched MTV — even though I’ll briefly mention them in newsnotes on RockTrax from time to time (Osbournes stories mainly). It’s rare they play music videos and ridiculous they had to build “MTV2” to pick up that much slack. So, if they were looking to regain lost viewers, this didn’t help.

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