Cindy And Doug World Tour: Jaxx Lose, We’re All Wet

I went to a baseball game the other day and a water park broke out.

The supposed businessman’s day special turned out to be a field trip for several area youth clubs (such as the boys and girls club). The Jackson Fire Department occasionally would hose down the youngsters. In the process, we’d get some of the, shall we say, residual effect. No, we didn’t get drenched…just lots of sprinkles.

Quote of the day from the Jaxx play-by-play man: “This is going to turn into Noah’s Ark before this is all over.” (Maybe not an exact quote…but you get the idea.)

As for the game itself, the Jaxx blow a 2-1 lead in the top of the ninth en route to a loss.

(insert The Price is Right losing horns here)

Oh, well, we’re eating out tonight and preparing for a side trip to the Memphis Zoo tomorrow. There’s more of the world tour coming up.

(insert The Price is Right theme here)

Rod Roddy: “Stay tuned for more pricing games and the fabulous showcases which are coming up — on the second half of the Cindy and Doug World Tour.”

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