Cindy And Doug World Tour: Movin’ On Up…On Highway 45

We’re in Jackson, Tennessee after about 48 hours in northern Mississippi.

The beginning of the end for the Tupelo-area leg of the world tour came at the Tupelo Automotive Museum. Well worth the time if you’re into classic cars. Our favorite car on display was the ’94 Dodge Viper. Cindy and I wanted to take it for a spin — but couldn’t find the keys.

After that, another lunch out with Cindy’s folks. Then off to Tennessee. Dad got his early birthday present in the form of a painted Mississippi State cowbell — now proudly displayed on the mantle.

Tomorrow, it’s root…root root for the Cubbies…well sort of. Jackson is home to the West Tennessee Diamond Jaxx — the AA affiliate of the Chicago Cubs. It’s a “businessman’s day special” (or so we’d suspect) with first pitch at 11:00am. I’ve been to a couple of other Jaxx games over the years — and they’ve won each time I’ve visited Pringles Park. So, let’s see if they go three-for-three with my attendance. (Think I’ll be there rally monkey? NOT!)

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