OK, so that’s an illegal word in Lingo, but still, I’m hating this cold weather.

En route to church last night, Miss Circle and I came to the conclusion we came here from Ohio to *escape* the cold weather — not to have it follow us.

Should be this way throughout the weekend. But, thankfully, we’ve got stuff planned indoors including the Miss William Carey College pageant (which shouldn’t take long… only 6 contestants), possibly seeing Confessions of a Dangerous Mind Saturday and of course the Super Bowl Sunday.

As for a prediction, Miss Circle and I agree Tampa Bay’s had a great season. But, we’re of the belief it’s hard not to bet against Oakland’s veterans. We’ll pick the Raiders — but we won’t be terribly surprised if the Bucs come through with another win. Naturally, the Circle wanted to see the Brownies in the big game. But, there’s always next year. (Say, that’s the Bengals’ motto, right?)

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  1. Stay warm. You would love it here — +2 Degrees F and a -11 chill factor.

    Frankly, I wanted the Titans(Oilers of old) to be in the Super Bowl, but . . .

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