Let’s Turn To Page 180 Of The Doug’s Place Crookbook Of Fiendish Plans

Don’t ya just hate those telemarketing calls? With plans for a national do-not-call-me-or-else-you’re-gonna-pay-through-the-nose registry in the work, such calls seem to come fast and furious.

Sooo, one day I decided to have a little fun with them. These aren’t exact quotes and the organization that really called has been changed. Otherwise, here’s a transcript of what happened recently…

(phone rings)

Doug: (picking up) Hello?

Adam: Hello, this is Adam from Smithandjones, Inc. Is Doug there?

Doug: No, I’m sorry, he doesn’t live here anymore. But, I can give you his new number.

Adam: OK?

Doug: It’s 382-5633.

Adam: I appreciate it. Thank you for your time.

Doug: You’re welcome.


Now, why would I want to give the telemarketer the phone number 382-5633? (BTW, I actually called this number in my area code — it’s not in service.)

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