The Password For Today Is ‘Funeral’…

…and it comes to us from the lady I met up with for an evening of dinner and pool at the Sports Rock Cafe last night — who says, “I’ll be late to my own funeral.”

We were supposed to meet up at 6:00pm. I got there a little early. The reason she ran late: She had to make sure her son was fully prepared to spend the night at his friend’s place. Hey, with those two still adjusting to life without the man of the house, I can understand (remember, this is the gal who lost her husband just 6 months ago…names remain withheld for their safety).

While waiting for her, I plunked down several quarters on the MegaTouch game machine. I racked up high scores on the Mystery Phraze game and a few others. So if you get there and see “ROCKTRAX” among the top scores, that’s me. 🙂

Also, I saw a couple of the guys from WMXI 98.1, “The Hot FM”. While their brand of music’s not necessarily my cup of coffee, I applaud their efforts for branding themselves as “your hometown station”. Roughly half of the radio stations in these parts (Rock 104, B95 and KZ94.3 included…thankfully) are owned and operated locally — the rest have been eaten up by Cheap Channel. To the gang at MXI, keep up the good fight. We may not be in the same corporate family — but let’s be brothers and sisters in the revolution.

Anyway, she finally got there about 7pm-ish. We had a few drinks (soda, we came in separate cars) and played some Billiards — with a capital B, that rhymes with… nevermind, I’ve done that line already.

We played 8-ball and ended up dreading it if we were represented by “stripes”. We each had rotten luck with the 12-ball. Let’s just say what would seem like an easy shot in a corner pocket takes a turn for the worse.

After playing for about an hour and a half, we played a quick round of foosball — which she won handily 5-2. Then, it was 8:30pm — bedtime for me, time to check up on the youngin’ for her. We hugged and went our separate ways.

Fun time by all. We’re both taking different forms of therapy — and it was all what our respective “doctors” ordered.

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