Mickey Mouse Ears

Some humor for a Monday…

A multi-millionaire asks his 5-year-old son what he wants for his birthday. The kid says with big bright eyes, “Mickey Mouse ears”.

So the millionaire flies to Disneyland to find the best Mickey ears money can buy and he gets home in time for the birthday party.

Every birthday since, the kid says he wants Mickey ears — even through the teen years.

By the time he’s completed high school — and wants more Mickey Mouse ears, the millionaire says, “Son, don’t you think you’re a little too old for Mickey Mouse ears?”

Son says, “Yes I guess you’re right.”

The millionaire says, “Now think real hard, son. What would you like for your birthday? I can get you a yacht, Ferrari, you name it.”

The son thinks about it awhile and says, “OK, this year, I want a Mickey Mouse outfit.”

So, the millionaire goes along those lines and buys him Clear Channel.

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