Viva HuntsVegas!

Goin’ to Huntsville this weekend. Can’t wait.

Geof graduates this weekend and my folks are coming in from Tennessee to help celebrate. I’m playing taxi service for my grandmother in Alabama.

As I look to get away from my professional life, I’m hoping the personal life improves itself while I’m away. Tried calling Gena last night and she wasn’t at home. Last I knew, a custody battle between her and her ex-hubby over their kids was just brewing. Probably wise to leave her alone for at least this week.

As for other ladies in my so-called harem… um… well… really… there are none. A few new found net friends of the female persuasion — but (no offense intended) I can’t imagine anything beyond friends.

One gal I’ve only known through electrons is an atheist. While I respect her viewpoint and understand the circumstances, any face-to-face dealings will have to be of a friendly nature.

It’s a prerequisite any girlfriend of mine — and further, the future Mrs. Morris — has to believe in Him. With two weekly midweek church services I attend, I wouldn’t mind (read: actually prefer) running into my future wife at one of these gatherings.

So, as we help Geof end a chapter in his life and begin a new one, I’m hoping some nice lady comes forward.

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