Is It Friday Yet?

The week didn’t start off all that great. If you’re eating or drinking something right now, you might want to put your food or beverage down for just a moment or too.

Anyhoo, you’d be thinking about the end of the week too if *you* spent half of early Monday morning throwing up.

Hard head that I am, I went to work at the TV station. Right at 3:00am, my usual clock-in time, I threw up in the parking lot. Half an hour later, I realized I wasn’t going to work the full day. So, I called Miranda Beard in for some help.

Thankfully, with her help, the morning show was prepared and I could leave at 5:30am.

I’ve been feeling better ever since. But that “winded” feeling from Monday is still there.

Scott Stahler’s offered to meet me somewhere for a brewski later this week. I think I’ll accept the invite — but let him drink the hard stuff. Don’t want to chance anything!

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