Spur of the Moment

I may have lost interest in NBA basketball over the years. But, it’s been spurred (pardon the pun) of late with San Antonio’s run in the post-season.

After nearly exiting the first round, San Antonio’s in a second round series with the Lakers, the defending NBA champs.

Last night, Tim Duncan played like the MVP he is (nevermind the “official” announcement comes tomorrow) with 27 points and 17 boards.

Of course, *the* moment of the game was when Kobe Bryant took steps without dribbling the ball (we call that a “traveling” violation in the biz) with precious little time on the clock.

Series is tied at a game each — with the next two games in San Antonio. Tough to say who’ll win this series, but I’m hoping the Spurs advance.

Why you ask? I used to live in San Antonio. Unfortunately, it was at a time when the phrase was “Remember the Alamo… forget the Spurs”. Even thought our family remembers the heat and humidity vividly, we also remember the city’s beauty.

The director of music ministry at Parkway Heights UMC, Jennifer Hatch, is also rooting for Tim and company. She’s from SA and her folks still live there.

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