The GRACEful EXit

I ran into an ex-girlfriend today.

The encounter was quite friendly. We talked, shared laughs, chatted about racing and her kids.

Her kids, you see, was the reason for the breakup. At my age, it wouldn’t surprise me that my next girlfriend would have been married previously and raise kids solo. That I would respect.

But, back to Grace’s kids. One month into our relationship, we looked back at the fun we’ve had and looked ahead. At that time, Grace told me she never married — and the kids were sired by different daddies. She could see an unpleasant look on my face. Instant thought: damned if this gives Mom another stroke.

When I first met her, she was in her mid-30s, told me about her kids and I thought, ah, this conversation’s going well so far — just don’t bring up the ex-husband. Sheesh, what an assumption. One month, I thought she was divorced; the next month, I find out the rest of the story.

Next lady I meet, I’ll ask about her marital status — upfront. “Never married with kids out of wedlock” gets no consideration from me.

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