How it started; how we wish Geof were still with us

There is not too much I remember of the waning days of September of 1978 in Knoxville, Tennessee.

I remember both sets of grandparents were visiting ahead of the blessed event. I remember my mother was hospitalized in the final days of her pregnancy. I’m doing good enough to recall watching a rerun of “The Flintstones” on WATE-TV6 in Knoxville during one of those days. Later, I was on the phone with Mom and Dad from the hospital. Mom just happened to be watching the same episode in her room.

I was about to become a big brother at any moment. Then, October 1, 1978, arrived. So did Geoffrey Franklin Morris.

To paraphrase a common current phrase, if you knew Geof, you knew Geof. You knew him from his love of his alma mater’s hockey program — would that it was still in existence. You knew him from his love for science, math, aerospace, and aeronautical engineering. You knew him from his many passions for music, his love of Boston sports, and many more interests.

So, how are we doing since Geof’s untimely passing earlier this year? Well, then as now, I for one am speechless.

It’s been an unusual last couple of weeks. Under normal circumstances, I’d be shopping for birthday presents and I’d be making sure they’d head for his home in plenty of time. We’d probably discuss plans to visit there for Thanksgiving. It has felt strange not making those plans either.

As you probably know, I’ve traveled a similar road. I lost my wife just a week and a half into a particular calendar year — and endured a lot of normally happy occasions without her. Now, I’m without a brother ahead of his birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Dreading what the rest of the year’s going to be like, here’s a big favor. If you’ve helped this way before, please help this way again. Geof loved the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science in Columbus. There are some staffers who are still there from his days as a student. They’re just as stunned as we are.

Here’s how to donateā€¦

Geof Morris Memorial Gift
MSMS Foundation
1100 College Street W-190
Columbus, MS 39701