Exposing a fake

For those who’ve wondered or asked, yes, I have dated other women since Cindy’s passing more than a decade ago. If you got to know Cindy really well, you’ll recall her father died in the mid-1990s and her mother later remarried. Now that our marriage ended under the articles of “’til death do us part” before we could celebrate the births of children or grandchildren, I’m searching for my next success story in the relationship world.  Cindy’s mom and stepdad have encouraged me to search for same.

It’s true Cindy and I met online. However, as we got to know each other, we realized we had mutual friends — some of whom I hadn’t seen in years. As our relationship leveled up, we realized there was a higher power in play.

In what I call postmarital dating, the internet hasn’t helped. You name any legitimate website or app — and the odds are good I tried it and have nothing to show for it (save for wasted time, wasted effort, perhaps wasted energy and, at times, wasted money).

It appears social networking doesn’t help much either. It is here I must expose a fake.

Earlier today, I learned about the story of one lady’s apparent search for love. I give you, or perhaps loan you for the moment, @MaryDennisDoyl1 on Twitter.

Mary Dennis Doyle notes she’s in California and looking for a long-term relationship. Would she be willing to travel and find her Mr. Right? Time will tell.

If she’s looking for love, she needs to be honest. On this video clip…

…she doesn’t say her name is Mary; she says her name is — Amber.

In case the above clip has been deleted by the time you read this (and, for that matter, her  Twitter account in its entirety), here the transcription. “Hey, guys. This is Amber,” she said in the bathroom selfie video right at the start. Automatic fail. “I am totally wasted,” she continued — with an unintelligible end to her sentence due to low volume and, well, the admitted fact she’s drunk. “I am having a really, really, really great time,” she noted. Then, she told viewers she was drinking champagne out of what looked like a Dixie cup.

How authentic is the clip? Judge for yourself. Is it a good idea to post drunk selfie videos? I’d say no. But when you have the name “Mary” in your profile, “Amber” in your video and “Amber” is nowhere else to be found in said profile, odds are good you’re faking all this.

Bottom line: When you’re looking for love, online or offline, be honest about things.

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