Barred from television

Doug’s Place Flashback: I still remember the time Roseanne Barr performed — check that, butchered — “The Star-Spangled Banner”. What people usually don’t know, realize or recall is that happened before Game 2 of a Cincinnati Reds at San Diego Padres doubleheader.

Read all about it:

I lived in Dayton, Ohio, at the time and listened to the ballgames on the radio. ‘Twas a magical time in 1990 to follow the Reds. They started the regular season with a nine-game winning streak, stayed atop the standings through, and including, the last day of said regular season and went on to win the World Series in a stunning sweep of the Oakland A’s.

Not every day and night that season was joyous. (Anyone remember Lou Piniella’s disagreements with the umps? Stuff of legend.) On that night in late July of ’90 in San Diego, the radio announcers were perplexed as everyone was standing for a second performance of the national anthem. The legendary Marty Brennaman of the Reds’ network quickly criticized Barr’s performan– er, uh — butchering of the song.

Fast forward to the here and now. A racist tweet from Barr has resulted in ABC’s immediate cancelation of the revival of her eponymous sitcom. There’s word other networks that aired reruns of the original series have removed said original series from their schedules. There’s slim hope it can live on, and see the light of day, on a streaming service. Don’t hold your breath — unless you really like the color blue.

Then as now, there’s a lesson for all of us here. Think twice before you post, tweet or lampoon once.

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