OK, Now What?

Our top story tonight: Osama Bin Laden is *still* dead.

But seriously, while we have every reason to celebrate, recite the Pledge of Allegiance, sing our national anthem and other patriotic songs, may we be reminded the mission is far from over. The war against terror is still going on. As a friend on Facebook posted, “(Bin Laden) may now be dead. But all I will say is brace yourself.”

So, just how do we brace ourselves? For some answers, let’s turn the clock back to 2001 — when it all began.

Days after 9/11/01, Charles Jaco posted a commentary on his website — nearly all of which can apply to the present day. If his name rings a bell, you’ll recall he was a correspondent with CNN. (In case the name doesn’t ring a bell, his last name is pronounced as if you were saying the letter “J” and syllable “co” with a hard “C”.)

Perhaps his most notable assignment for the network came during the 1991 Gulf War. A few years after the war, Jaco left CNN and returned to his native Missouri. He has since worked in local radio and TV in St. Louis — and his reporting can currently be seen on KTVI television.

But back to Jaco’s commentary. It began with an obituary to “the old America” — and how a new one began less than a minute later. It continues with a few helpful tips worth revisiting.

Jaco opined a nationwide “neighborhood watch” began on 9/11/01. He also recommended we should “stop being afraid”, to “get over” ourselves and “know the enemy”.

The link to that commentary is here — and is worth the look. May God continue to bless America, land that we love, and keep it safe from harm. Along the way, may we do our part to keep this great land of ours free of terror.

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