What Was He Thinking?

OK, football fans, you’re tired about hearing of the NFL lockout. So, you’re searching for something good. No, maybe something great. Enter -– probably the only reason I’m still rooting for the hapless Cincinnati Bengals -– Ben-Gal cheerleader Laura Vikmanis.

Don’t know the name? Google her name, skim over images –- and then come back to this.

OK, let’s get the obvious out of the way. At 42, she’s the oldest cheerleader on the squad, the oldest cheerleader in the league and the cougar in a sea of kittens.

Legend has it her husband left her for a younger woman -– leaving Laura to reinvent herself. She tried out for the Ben-Gals when she turned 39, was rejected, tried again and made the cut.

Now, reportedly, motherhood and other matters took a toll on her weight during her marriage. Still, that’s not an excuse for the now ex-husband to just leave spousal responsibility behind.

On the one hand, I love her comeback story -– and plans call for that story to be made into a movie. On the other hand, it just makes me ask –- what part of “in sickness and in health” did this dingbat not understand?

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