Tiger, Elin Divorce

First and foremost, I don’t root for failure (well, unless it’s That State Up North against my Buckeyes or something else to that effect). Whenever I hear of a couple “going through” a divorce, my hope and prayer is that something will trigger both parties to rethink the proceedings and make an effort to reconcile. If the reconciliation hope and prayer aren’t answered, I simply pray for a peaceful end.

In this situation with Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren — where Tiger cheated again and again — there really was no other choice in the matter.

I don’t follow golf — but the media, perhaps rightfully so, have noticed Tiger’s not been on his A game this year on the pro golf circuit. Hate to say it — but it’s not a surprise. Now that Tiger and Elin are parting company, will he rebound or slip into irrelevance? Time will tell.

As for Elin, alimony payments have not been disclosed. Whatever Tiger will be paying to Elin in alimony, I sincerely hope she uses the money to benefit great projects. Something Tiger should’ve done all along.

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