Widowhood Sux

Just found this today: http://widowhoodsux.wordpress.com/

Without going into specifics, some of which are obvious, I totally agree with the sentiment. I’ve already sent the blog’s editor three statements and I’m sure I’ll come up with more.

For those of you engaged or in a marriage, always know widowhood is a nightmare I wish on no one. Divorce, of course, is an altogether different nightmare I wish on no one. Marriage, unfortunately, has to end in one of these ways.

Of course, in my case, I wish Cindy and I celebrated births of children and grandchildren before we took our marriage to a discussion of “’til death do us part”. More to the point of this moment, I wish we were just coming off of a celebration of a fifth wedding anniversary.

This is why “treasure your loved ones” was added to my sign-off phrase on RockTrax when I returned to the air in February of ’07 after Cindy’s untimely passing.

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