Humbling Anniversaries

Over the recent weekend, Rock 104 celebrated its 15th anniversary. Concurrently, it was also my 14th year of association with the station. Looking back at it all, all I can say is — “WOW!”

Over the last 14 years, I’ve met and worked with some amazing people, been to amazing places and, of course, have had lots of fun along the way.

Later this summer, I’ll celebrate 15 years of association with WDAM television — factoring in my brief time as an intern and in a production capacity before moving on to newscast producing. With apologies to Chris Myers of Fox Sports, that also deserves a — “WOW!” Amazing people and places associated with the time spent with TV as well.

The reason I bring this all up is because these two jobs have commanded more of my attention in recent times. Hence the few and far between blogging. I’m aiming to spend more time here at Doug’s Place. So thanks for being patient — oh, and for checking in. 🙂

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