What The (censored) Were They Thinking?

A disturbing story that hit home crossed the wires today.

Kings Island amusement park, located just outside Cincinnati, had an early Halloween exhibit featuring “skeletons” of celebrities who’ve died within the last few months — including Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett.

But wait, it gets worse. The exhibit also had the likeness of a deceased Steve McNair, again in skeleton form, holding a football helmet with a hole in the top. How tasteless.

This hits home for two reasons. McNair was part of South Mississippi’s neighborhoods before moving on to stardom at Alcorn State and fame and fortune in the NFL. I think we’re at a point where the less said about the circumstances that lead to his untimely death the better.

The other reason: My family and I lived near Dayton for eight years — and I’ve visited Kings Island with family and friends a good number of times. The last visit had to have been around 1990.

That “last visit” will be a “last visit” in more ways than one. I’m planning to revisit Ohio next year and the year after that. During those and other times I visit Ohio, none of my money will be spent at Kings Island.

With Halloween more than a month from now, a simple word of advice to those of you planning something similar to this atrocious display: DON’T!

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