Thumb’s Up To The SWAC

Like any other Southern Miss fan, I’m counting down to kickoff. But at the same time, I’m sure there will be heavy hearts on the other side of the ball come Saturday.

The Eagles’ first opponent: Alcorn State — alma mater of the late Steve McNair.

Word came today the powers-that-be in the Southwestern Athletic Conference, of which Alcorn State is a part of, are requiring players of their football teams to have #9 stickers on their helmets — in tribute to McNair.

I’m sure the Braves, at least, would do something to this effect. But during McNair’s collegiate career, he made a *lot* of people aware of the SWAC.

There are also plans to remember #9 during Saturday’s game. Another touch of class.

On a totally different football note, I’ll be real surprised if Brett Favre and the Vikings make the playoffs. A pre-season game against the Texans is taking place as I type this — and the Vikings were penalized minutes ago for too many players on the field. Might be a sign he’s trying to get used to them and vice versa.

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