Congrats, Obama (even if I voted for McCain)

I’m not a political junkie and Doug Morris dot org hasn’t necessarily been a haven for political blogging. Well, save for the times I followed this gadfly’s runs for office…

…and you don’t need a political science degree to understand why his runs for seats in the legislature and Hattiesburg’s city council ended in epic fail.

But back to the originally intended point for this post. I voted for John McCain because of his fearless leadership and service to our country. Stories of McCain as a military man and politician are all well documented.

Barack Obama on the other hand, to me, comes off as too much of a political neophyte. He’s served as a U.S. senator, was a state legislator in Illinois previously and… uh… is that all?

That reasoning noted, I’m going to take the high road from here. First and foremost, congratulations to President-Elect Obama on a fine win. Also, condolences to Mr. Obama and his family following the death of Madelyn Dunham, his grandmother.

Further, I wish to quote the words of John Wayne, the legendary actor who voted for Richard Nixon for president in 1960.

Nixon lost that election to John F. Kennedy. After the numbers were tabulated and JFK was declared the victor, Wayne said, “I didn’t vote for him. But, he’s my president — and I hope he does a good job.”

Regardless of who you voted for, let’s hope the same for President-Elect Obama.

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