Brett Favre and the Jets

Wow, what a saga.

First he retires, then he gets the itch to come back, tries to reunite with the Packers and the Pack trades him to the Jets.

At WDAM, we weren’t following a story. We were following a soap opera. So was the rest of the media in Green Bay and nationwide. Trust me, we got several calls from Wisconsin, ESPN and the like, all throughout the saga.

Early buzz, is of course, good. Thousands of #4 “Gang Green” jerseys have been sold, either online or in sporting goods stores. Jets fans have welcomed him with open arms. And I think I’m not going out on a limb in saying a percentage of those sales involve customers here in these neighborhoods of South Mississippi.

Question, of course, is this: What will be the end result? Depending on how well Brett does, the New York media at large will either be Brett’s best new friends or worst new enemies. There’s just no in-between.

On this 8/8/08, I’d say the absolute best that can be done in his first year as a Jet is 8-8. If he does better than that and reaches the playoffs, Wild Card at best.

Sure, I’ll root for Brett – unless it’s Week 6, when my Bengals are due to arrive in Giants Stadium to take on the Jets. Still, my gut feeling is – he would’ve been better off retired.

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