Sorry, Not My Department

The laughs remain few and far between. Thankfully, an e-mail at work led to a chuckle or two.

You guessed it, it came from that wonderful world of satellite interviews. This time, I’ll spare this pinhead some embarrassment by not naming who sent me this, what company he works for or the product in question. Keep that last variable in mind.

Indeed, the interview was all about this new, innovative product. The second paragraph of the (lame attempt at a) pitch reads like this…

“We would be happy to forward photos (of the product), arrange an interview or help further. If there is someone better to send this to can you please forward this to him/her or provide me with the contact information? Thanks and look forward to hearing from you soon.”

…I responded by noting there really is someone better that can help advance awareness of this product. That person is our sales manager at the TV station. The sales department he leads can help spread awareness of any product. I further noted the product can be showcased in several commercials throughout the day – instead of just once in an interview.

Let this be a lesson, world of satellite interviews. We TV producers do not want any interview in a newscast suddenly becoming an infomercial.

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