Charleston and Bob Evans

Some people representing parts of Cindy’s past are joining her in Heaven this week.

As noted earlier, Cindy called Charleston, South Carolina, home for a couple of years. She was an area coordinator at the College of Charleston. With her history studies, she truly enjoyed “Historic Charleston”.

I can remember during the ultimate tournament of champions of the quiz show Jeopardy!, they had an all-video category entitled “Historic Charleston”. As the contestants picked answers from that column and accompanying video rolled, Cindy would react, “I’ve been there,” “I knew that,” and “I remember that.”

As you know by now, an unfortunate new chapter has been written in Charleston’s history. A fatal fire. Nine brave souls lost their lives battling a blaze at a furniture store this week.

Also, as you may know, Cindy was a native of Ohio. Given that and the fact I lived there in the ‘80s, we would “come home” a few times before and during our marriage. We would make an attempt to visit a Bob Evans restaurant while we were in the Lima area. Cindy enjoyed dining at Bob Evans in her time living in Ohio.

Word came today of Mr. Evans’ death. He was hospitalized at the Cleveland Clinic for treatment of pneumonia.

To Captain William “Billy” Hutchinson, Captain Mike Benke, Captain Louis Mulkey, Engineer Mark Kelsey, Engineer Bradford “Brad” Baity, Assistant Engineer Michael French, Firefighter James “Earl” Drayton, Firefighter Brandon Thompson, Firefighter Melven Champaign and Mr. Bob Evans — tell Cindy I said hello.

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