Brought To You By The (Ward) Number 4

It continues to be busy here at Doug’s Place. The Mrs. and I are planning to be out of town to attend our niece’s wedding. I offered Niki and Kyle a countdown clock similar to the one across the top of the Doug Morris dot org homepage – but they declined.

Kudos are in order — to Dave Ware. He won the Hattiesburg Ward 4 special election. Ware succeeds the recently departed Red Bailey on the city council.

Someone asked me the other day, “Where’s Rick?” Funny, I noticed the lack of nonsense in this past campaign my own self.

If you visit this blog with any regularity, you know Rick James was my boss at SL. He later ran for public office, including the last regular election for Ward 4, and basically fell flat on his face. The last time on the campaign trail was one he’d probably want to forget. Ya know, the whole Dave Chappelle/“I’m Rick James b**ch” silliness.

Despite plans for a march to increase voter turnout, on the anniversary of the death of the singer, I think it’s safe to say Rick’s still nursing a few wounds after this latest failure.

So, let’s review. In the near 10 and a half years of RockTrax, Rick had…

\ a failed talk show (full disclosure, on WXHB-FM, under different ownership and format; since owned and operated by my radio bosses as a Gospel station).

\ a brief return to SL (before Clear Chuckle ate ‘em up; actually a wise move on his part to get while the gettin’ was good).

\ a brief run as a realtor (only listing I could find was some rundown house for just barely over 20-grand)

\ two failed runs for political office (District 102 state representative in the legislature and the aforementioned regularly scheduled Ward 4 election).

…think I miss him? Nah.

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