TAR: The Home Team’s Out, Dagnabbit

OK, it’s been more than 24 hours since the latest episode of The Amazing Race signed off. By now, you should now Lake and Michelle from Hattiesburg were philiminated.

Cindy and I truly hoped this was a non-elimination leg – but Phil delivered the home team the bad news.

When we go to the movies, we usually drive past Lake’s dentist office on the way. Hmmm – wonder if he screams out “Dagnabbit” if he drills a wrong tooth.

In any event, some radio business tomorrow, an Easter Sunrise service Sunday and straight to RockTrax afterward. Have a great and safe weekend, everyone.

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  1. He endeared himself to me as things went by, but … all his crap in their final leg really irritated me. I was just about to come around to liking them, and then he goes out like that.

    You totally need to book them both for the show, Doug.

  2. Certainly thought about it — for RockTrax that is. We’d thought about covering TAR at DAM — but at the end of the day, we didn’t want to plug something that was on HLT.

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